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Home Collection is the first among in the field of out-of-court Credit Recovery…

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C.P.S. Phone Collection differs from most Phone Collection services…

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C.P.S. is the only Debt Collection Agency operating in Central and Northern Italy to operate in the field of Out-of-Court Negotiation…

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CPS: Agenzia Recupero Crediti Finanziari.

Collection Project Service is a Unirec member debt collection agency specializing in recovery management on Financial Products.
Since its founding year, it has chosen to distinguish itself by betting on professional competence and quality service. Present in the industry for more than two decades has kept the initial purpose intact, on which the operational choices and goals pursued have always been based.
Qualitative excellence is the core of this project, which provides general technical preparation and selective training in specific areas (inheritance or postmortem credits, insurance credits), and ongoing refresher courses on credit law. For example, this decision has produced a 0.001% rate of complaints about our work, and conversely, a rate approaching 100% in our ability to comply with the directions provided by the Principals.
C.P.S. through Phone Collection and Home Collection activities, handles the full range of Financial Products: consumer credit, personal loan, credit cards, leasing and mortgages, post realization.
Certainly an integral part of the organization is based on the administrative and management staff, who are always motivated and valued, the network of tax collection officers single agent and integrated for years in our structure, extremely qualified and constantly updated, as well as on the phone collection service, young, dynamic and motivated, constantly followed by team leaders who capillary supervise the processing of the individual positions entrusted, also composed of native speakers belonging to the ethnic groups most present in the country.
In particular, the fulfillment of management in Phone Collection, C.P.S. differs from a “classic” call center in that it is designed as a first contact that always produces a performant result.
As the Credit Recovery and Management Agency for Financial Companies, C.P.S. is also theonly entity in the entire country to deal with a special area such as the out-of-court handling of positions concerning Deceased Clients.
In this particular area, it has set up a dedicated in-house management with legal preparation designed to offer in-depth service and extensive activity including both actual debt recovery and other important related tasks, such as finding the waiver of inheritance control acceptance with benefit of inventory, tracing heirs and recovering missing documents for reopening insurance claims.
Activity in the management of out-of-court claims inherent in deceased clients has been chosen and received approval from major C.P.S. Principals.

Our Strengths


The desire to maintain optimal quality standards through meticulous analytical skills combined with the high specific technical preparation of administrative and commercial structures.


Twenty years of experience that allows us to boast real capabilities in operating a true out-of-court settlement.


Expletion of Phone and Home Collection through in-house professionals qualified in specific areas by credit type and multi-ethnic native speakers.


Two operating offices, in Rome and Vicenza, operating with constant interaction and supervision in Central and Northern Italy.

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For more information related to our Debt Collection Services and, financial products, recovery of litigation in termination, loans, and out-of-court processing of positions pertaining to deceased clients, please contact us at the following addresses.


Registered Office : Via Cristoforo Colombo, 440 – 00145 Rome
Operations Center 1: Via Luigi Lilio 109 00142 Rome
Tel: 06/763364 r.a.- Fax: 06/76984091
Operations Center 2 Headquarters: Via Nazionale 60 – 67015 Montereale (AQ)
Tel: 08621961873
North Operational Headquarters : Via Medici 54 36100 Vicenza
Tel.: 0444/922917 r.a. – Fax.: 0444/938108

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