Home Exaction

Home Collection is the first among C.P.S.services in the field of out-of-court Credit Recovery.

A highly qualitative specialized identity, in that it uniquely and consistently relies on excellence in the specific technique of home collection services, guaranteeing Vs. Company prompt assistance whenever a Customer submits a late payment and reducing the fixed costs of managing internal staff.

C.P.S. is an exclusive structure of one-man officers and integrated for years in the agency, strictly qualified in the branch and updated on the adaptation to the Privacy regulations and Codes of Ethics to guarantee Clients, to ensure the best response to your needs.

C.P.S. Debt Collection Officers never carry out a simple task of aseptic debt collection, but represent the best experts and specialists in credit protection, both in the legal and accounting fields as well as in everything related to experience and preparation in the psychological analysis of the debtor, including through constant participation in refresher courses organized by UNIREC and EBITEC.